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Barrett-Jackson Coverage Now Sucks

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Joni Mitchell's lyrics were never more apropos than in trying to watch Velocity's coverage of the Barrett-Jackson auction going on in Scottsdale right now.

Tuning in a bit already this week, I long for the days of Bob Varsha and Matt Stone anchoring the coverage on Speed. Velocity has really botched its coverage, thanks to a horrible assortment of commentators. Steve Magnante is as awesome as ever, and Mike Joy adds knowledge and the touch of a professional broadcaster. But it goes downhill after them.


Rick DeBruhl? Ugh. He was practically booed off Formula One coverage years ago because he was so awful. Seems enthusiastic, but that whiney high-pitched voice is impossible to take. He sounds like Don Knotts' "Barney Fife" character from The Andy Griffith Show.

I don't get that guy from Overhaulin' at all. He just comes across like a bit of a tool, in a bad FM deejay kind of way. (And what's with the ever-present baseball cap? If he's going bald, he should invest in hair transplants - God knows there are enough commercials for them during the broadcast - or a good toupee. The cap just screams "I'M LOSING MY HAIR AND THIS HAT IS COVERING UP MY BARE SCALP.")


The blonde woman is super-annoying. I get the desire to have a female presence in the broadcast, but there are any number of racing broadcasters who are in their off-season and would do very well. Krista Voda, Jamie Little, Kelly Stavast are a few who come to mind; there must be others.

So instead of watching it mostly live this weekend as I used to, I'll now be DVR'ing the coverage and zipping through, just looking at only the cars I particularly like.

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